Thursday, 26 December 2013


1) go to
2) write the name of the software you want key
and add 94FBR at the end
Eg :- if you want to find key of IDM then write "
IDM 94FBR " (without quotes)
3) search it and you will find many sites with
serial keys of that softwares
DONE !!!!

Saturday, 21 December 2013


> A scope is a region of the program and broadly speaking there are three places, where variables can be declared:

*Inside a function or a block which is called local variables,

*In the definition of function parameters which is called formal parameters.

*Outside of all functions which is called global variables.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Internet Error Codes and Meaning Error Codes Meaning

400 This is bad request error, First check you may be typing wrong URL name and server could not understand your request.

401 You are trying to open any unauthorized access site or page. Check your username and password if you are trying to open any webpage.

402 Payment Required Error

403 You are trying to open any forbidden page and you are blocked by that domain.

404 Here you are trying to open the webpage that was removed or re-named, also check the URL spelling.

408 This is time out error. you should send the request with in time that the server set for you.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Computer Facts That You Never Heard Before

  • The day after Internet Explorer 4 was released, a few Microsoft employees left a 10 by 12-foot Internet Explorer logo on Netscape's front lawn with a message that said "We love you" at the height of the browser wars in the late 90s.

  • Google logs each search queries into its systems to enhance future search.

  • All the three founders of YouTube Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim were working for Paypal when they started YouTube.

  • The domain name was registered on Valentines Day (February 14, 2005).

  • One of the biggest leaps in Google's search engine usage came about when they introduced their much improved spell checker giving birth to the "Did you mean..." feature. This instantly doubled their traffic.

  • The first ever video that was uploaded on Youtube is by Jawed Karim (one of youtube founders) titled "Me at zoo" on April 23rd, 2005. This video is all of 18 seconds long.

  • Anthony Greco, aged 18, became the first person arrested for spim (unsolicited instant messages) on February 21,2005.

  • The 80's arcade game Phoenix was the first game ever, to introduce the concept of end-level bosses. The game had players shoot their way through an alien mothership's defences.

  • The first game to incorporate real time audio effects, or basically, the difference in the same sound in different physical environments was Duke Nukem 3D. When the player shot his gun in the water, the sound would be muffled and gurgly.

  • The GNU license was around since 1976, the GNU Emacs were the first machines to be released with this license.

  • Sony introduced the 3.5 inch floppy in 1981.

Friday, 15 November 2013

How to Bypass Facebook photo tag verification

How to Bypass Facebook photo tag verification
This is the new method to verify the photos even if the
profile is blocked:
Okay so i am gonna show you guys a little trick to bypass
the Facebook Verification (Verify Images)
Step 1: Go to Google images search
Step 2: Type facebook+"name of 1st friend" copy and paste
from blocked account
Step 3: Search , you will see the picture of the 1st friend in
the 1st 3 results
Step 4:If you didn't identify the picture, repeat the same
Step 5:If you didn't identify the friend.simply skip the
picture and you will get another one (always you have 2
This is the new method to verify the photos even if the
profile is blocked:
Step 6: After you identify the 5 pictures facebook will ask
you to change your password and email password
Step 7: Change your facebook account password and
confirm that you change your email password (even you
Step 8: Now every thing is OK
Step 9: If you see this message(no verification method is
available now) just logout and wait 1 hour to login, if you
failed to verify the photos, facebook will give you 1
chance to verify 5 pictures every 1 hour.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Full form of computer terms

***********Full form of computer terms**************
* HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
* HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
* IP - Internet Protocol.
* URL - Uniform Resource Locator.
* USB - Universal Serial Bus.
* VIRUS - Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
* 3G - 3rd Generation.
* GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication.
* CDMA - Code Divison Multiple Access.
* UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunication
* SIM - Subscriber Identity Module.
* AVI = Audio Video Interleave
* RTS = Real Time Streaming
* SIS = Symbian OS Installer File
* AMR = Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
* JAD = Java Application Descriptor
* JAR = Java Archive
* JAD = Java Application Descriptor
* 3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project
* 3GP = 3rd Generation Project
* MP3 = MPEG player lll
* MP4 = MPEG-4 video file
* AAC = Advanced Audio Coding
* GIF = Graphic Interchangeable Format
* JPEG = Joint Photographic Expert Group
* BMP = Bitmap
* SWF = Shock Wave Flash
* WMV = Windows Media Video
* WMA = Windows Media Audio
* WAV = Waveform Audio
* PNG = Portable Network Graphics
* DOC = Document (Microsoft Corporation)
* PDF = Portable Document Format
* M3G = Mobile 3D Graphics
* M4A = MPEG-4 Audio File
* NTH = Nokia Theme (series 40)
* THM = Themes (Sony Ericsson)
* MMF = Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
* NRT = Nokia Ringtone
* XMF = Extensible Music File
* WBMP = Wireless Bitmap Image
* DVX = DivX Video
* HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
* WML = Wireless Markup Language
* CD - Compact Disk.
* DVD - Digital Versatile Disk.
* CRT - Cathode Ray Tube.
* DAT - Digital Audio Tape.
* DOS - Disk Operating System.
* GUI - Graphical User Interface.
* HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
* IP - Internet Protocol.
* ISP - Internet Service Provider.
* TCP - Transmission Control Protocol.
* UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply.
* HSDPA - High Speed Downlink Packet Access.
* EDGE - Enhanced Data Rate for GSM [Global System for Mobile
Communication] Evolution.
* VHF - Very High Frequency.
* UHF - Ultra High Frequency.
* GPRS - General Packet Radio Service.
* WAP - Wireless Application Protocol.
* TCP - Transmission Control Protocol .
* ARPANET - Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
* IBM - International Business Machines.
* HP - Hewlett Packard.
* AM/FM - Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation.
* WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network.

OOP(object oriental programming) and its features

OOP(object oriental programming) and its features
1. Classes
2. Object
3. Inheritance
4. Polymorphism
5. Overloading
c++,java, c# etc. support this OOP


* Google : Sept 4, 1998
* Facebook : Feb 4, 2004
* YouTube : Feb 14, 2005
* Yahoo ! : March 1994
* Baidu : Jan 1, 2000
* Wikipedia : Jan 15, 2001
* Windows Live : Nov 1, 2005
* : 1994
* Tencent QQ : February 1999
* Twitter : March 21, 2006

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Someone has made your fake account….Don’t Worry

Someone has made your fake account….Don’t Worry…..Tracingfacebook user..
First you got to find out the IP address of that User.
To Do so we will be using “netstat” command in windows. If you want to know the IP address of a specific person on facebook or orkut or any chat service, there is only one way: Just invite or ping him for a chat and while chat is ON open ‘Command Prompt‘ on your PC (Start >Run>cmd).
note: before trying this make sure you close all the other tabs in your browser. and only facebook is open. also if possible delete all the history and cache from your browser.
When command prompt opens Type the following command and hit Enter.
netstat -an
And you will get all established connections IP addresses there. Note down all the suspicious IP’s.
The Next Step is to Trace that user using his IP address.
To do so we will be using IP tracer service. Go to the below address and paste the IP address in the box that says “lookup this ip or website”. and it will show you the location of the user.
http:// m/ip_tracer/
It will show you all the information about that user along with his ISP and a Location in the MAP. Now in the MAP Just click on “click for big ip address location” in the big picture you can actually zoom in. and try to recognize the area. If any serious matter just note down the ISP details in that page and contact them about the IP. they will respond you.
Other netstat commands:
-a Displays all connections and listening ports.
-e Displays Ethernet statistics. This may be combined with the -s option.
-n Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
-p proto Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP.
-s option to display per-protocol statistics, proto may be TCP, UDP, or IP.
-r Displays the routing table.
-s Displays per-protocol statistics. By default, statistics are shown for TCP, UDP and IP; the
-p option may be used to specify a subset of the default.

How To Resume Broken Links with IDM (Internet Download Manager

How To Resume Broken Links with IDM (Internet Download
Manager) :
We all know Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the most
powerful and popular downloader.But how you feel when
you have already downloaded a large part of a big file (say
60% to 99%) and IDM says…..ERROR-link broken..can’t
resume etc…although it was a resumeable download link?
Definitelyyou feel like throwing your system.Same was the
case with me but I’ve discovered a trick to resume broken
IDM downloads.
Though sometime IDM says ‘ERROR-link broken..can’t
resume’ etc. for a resumable link you can easily resume
your broken downloads(condition: file should be available
in the site form where you started your download/file
hosting server/mirrors) with this simple and effective
trick.Just follow the following steps.
1.Double click the download name in main IDM window
that shows ERROR to resume.
2.Click the http link of file (highlighted in blue colour)
3.Download link will open in the browser and a window
appears just after that.
4.Click ‘OK’ to resume.Most probably the download will
If it still doesn’t resume then continue with following
5.Open the website/mirror site of the same file that you
were downloading.
6.Start a new download of the same file again which was
showing ERROR from website/mirror site).
7.After download starts-pause it.Double click new
download’s name.
8.Copy the address from ‘Address’ box of new download
(shown with blue colour).
9.Paste the copied address to old download’s similar
‘Address’ box and press ‘OK’.
10.Now from main IDM download window select the old
download that was showing ERROR and click on resume.
Now after the 10th step I expect a big smile on your
face.Yes…..thatold file which was not resuming is now
again downloading with full speed)
I hope u really happy

Make ur Windows Genuine

Make ur Windows Genuine using notepad!!!!
1. Copy and Paste the following code in the Notepad.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mi crosoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents]
"OOBETimer"=hex:ff,d5,71,d6,8b,6a,8d,6f,d5,33, 93,f d
"LastWPAEventLogged"=hex:d5,07,05,00,06,00,07, 00,0 f,00,38,00,24,00,fd,02
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mi crosoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion]
"CurrentBuild"="1.511.1 () (Obsolete data - do not use)"
"InstallDate"=dword:427cdd 95
"DigitalProductId"=hex:a4,00,00,00,03,00,00,00 ,36, 39,38,33,31,2d,36,34,30,2d,\
31,37,38,30,35,37,37,2d,34,35,33,38,39,00,5a,00,00 ,00,41,32,32,2d,30,30,30,\
30,31,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,0d,04,89,b2,15,1b,c4 ,ee,62,4f,e6,64,6f,01,00,\
00,00,00,00,27,ed,85,43,a2,20,01,00,00,00,00,00,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,\
00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,31,34,35,30,34,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,ce,0e,\
00,00,12,42,15,a0,00,08,00,00,87,01,00,00,00,00,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,\
00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 ,94,a2,b3,ac
"LicenseInfo"=hex:9e,bf,09,d0,3a,76,a5,27,bb,f 2,da ,88,58,ce,58,e9,05,6b,0b,82,\
c3,74,ab,42,0d,fb,ee,c3,ea,57,d0,9d,67,a5,3d,6e,42 ,0d,60,c0,1a,70,24,46,16,\
2. Save the file with the .reg extension.
3. If you run the file means it will ask you the confirmation to add the value to your Registry.
4. Press Yes.
5. Reboot your System.
6. Start Downloading from Microsoft Site


Sometimes we go cyber cafe or any other place.. and open facebook... and we forgot to log out....but dont need to be worry about it,,,there is a option to log out your account from every computer.....follow the steps...
1. log in your account (from anywhere)
2. go to account setting
3. click on account security
4. and see there details...its shows
Last Accessed:
Device Type:
"see the image"
(if only these 3 things are shown there, then u r safe)
if there is an option to "end activity"that means your account is opened somewhere else also...
click "end activity" and u`ll be logged out from other computers

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Double click on Internet explorer to Restart the Computer

1) Goto Desktop
2) Right click > new > Shortcut
3) In “Type the Location of the item” > write: “C:\WINDOWS
\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00″ without coutes.
4) Click next and in “Type a name for this shortcut” write ”
Internet Explorer” and click Finish.
5) Now Right Click on the shortcut of Internet Explorer and
goto “Change Icon” and select the icon of Internet
6) Now Virus is Ready… haha.. check it out.. when you will
double click on Internet Explorer Shortcut… Computer will

How To Open Number Of Websites In A Single Click ??

1) Open Notepad.
2) Copy Below Given Code And Paste It In Notepad.

@echo off

3) Now save Notepad As Sites.bat
4) Now open your save file and it will open three websites in a single click.
5) You can also add more sites by writing Start followed by websites.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This page provides Information to Mobile subscribers for change mobile network by Mobile Number Portability service. Now Airtel, Vodafone, Tata docomo, Videocon,Uninor, MTS, Reliance, Aircel, Idea and all other networks are ready to shift the service all over India. Both GSM and CDMA platforms are eligible to Mobile Number Portability service, Can change from "GSM to CDMA" or "CDMA to GSM", Means Mobile service provider change without changing the Mobile Number, Following Method enables MNPaccording to TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI). In this method no need to buy new SIM card.

How change Mobile Service Provider, This is Activation Method of MNP, In just three steps change from one network to another Mobile Network within India.

1. Send an SMS "PORTspace10 Digit Mobile Number to 1900" as[Format Example: PORT 9999999999].
2. Then mobile will receive Unique Porting Code(UPC).
3. Go to New Mobile Service Provider office, Submit the Unique Porting Code(UPC) along with required documents(Like ID proof, Address proof).
Your turn is completed. If once process is completed, You can talk via new Mobile Network.

Note: Some abbreviation or an acronyms to information.

SIM - Subscriber Identity Module.
GSM - Global System for Mobiles.
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access.
UPC - Unique Porting Code.
TRAI - Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.
MNP - Mobile Number Portability - See more at:

Create a Bootable USB

Create a Bootable USB By CMD
1.plug-in your USB stick
2.CMD run as admin privilege
3.Type Diskpart command
4. select disk 1 ( assume ur usb disk
1 )
6.create partition primary partition 1
9.format fs=NTFS QUICK
Copy files to USB Drive and change
Boot sequence in BIOS

Monday, 4 November 2013

How to Delete administrator Password

step 1

Boot up with DOS and delete the sam.exe and sam.log files from Windows\system32\config in your hard drive. Now when you boot up in NT the password on your built-in administrator account which will be blank (i.e No password). This solution works only if your hard drive is FAT kind.

step 2

Step 1. Put your hard disk of your computer in any other pc .
Step 2. Boot that computer and use your hard disk as a secondary hard disk (D'nt boot as primary hard disk ).
Step 3. Then open that drive in which the victim’s window(or your window) is installed.
Step 4. Go to location windows->system32->config
Step 5. And delete SAM.exe and SAM.log
Step 6. Now remove hard disk and put in your computer.
Step 7. And boot your computer :-)

How To Lock The Folder without any software

 STEP 1.
 Open Notepad and Copy code given below into it.

    if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
    if NOT EXIST MyFolder goto MDMyFolder
    echo Are you sure to lock this folder? (Y/N)
    set/p "cho=>"
    if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
    if %cho%==y goto LOCK
    if %cho%==n goto END
    if %cho%==N goto END
    echo Invalid choice.
    goto CONFIRM
    ren MyFolder "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
    attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
    echo Folder locked
    goto End
    echo Enter password to Unlock Your Secure Folder
    set/p "pass=>"
    if NOT %pass%== anuragdwivedi goto FAIL
    attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
    ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" MyFolder
    echo Folder Unlocked successfully
    goto End
    echo Invalid password
    goto end
    md MyFolder
    echo MyFolder created successfully
    goto End

STEP 2.  Save the notepad file as lock.bat (.bat is must)
STEP 3. Now double click on lock.bat and a new folder will be created with name MyFolder
STEP 4. Copy all your data you want to protect in that New folder
STEP  5. Now double click on lock.bat and when command promp appears Type Y and press enter.
STEP 6. Now MyFolder will be hidden from you view, to access that folde double click on lock.bat
STEP 7. It will ask for password enter your password and done. (Default password is anurag dwivedi)

how to secure google chrome with password

Install the "Simple Password Startup" Extension in your Chromedownload link :-

Then go to "Tools" --> "Extension" --> "Simple Password Startup" --> "Option"
After that Enter a Password and Save it.
Now your Google Chrome is secured with Password.

C Program Header Files

1. <stdio.h>: input and output
function in program.
2. <conio.h>: to clear screen and
pause information function.
3. <ctype.h>: function for testing
4. <string.h>: function for
manipulating string
5. <math.h>: mathmatical function
6. <stdlib.h>: utility function for
number, conversion, storage
7. <assert.h>: function that can
beused to add diagnostics to a
8. <stdarg.h>: function that can be
used to step through a list of
function arguments
9. <setjmp.h>: function that can be
used to avoid the normal call and
return sequence
10. <signal.h>: function for handling
exceptional condition that may arise
in a program
11. <time.h>: function for
manipulating date and time
12. <limits.h>: constant definitions
for the size of C data types
13. <float.h>: definitions relating to
floating-point arithmetic

types of topology

Friday, 1 November 2013


how google search work

RJ 45 cross cable


1. Make a folder on the desktop and name it as “folder”.
2. Now, open notepad and write ren folder folder.{21EC202
0-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} and now (Notepad
Menu) File>save as.
3. In the ‘save as’ name it as lock.bat and click save !
(Save it on Desktop)
4. Now, again open notepad again and write ren folder.
{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} folder and
now (Notepad Menu) File>save as.
5. In the ‘save as’ name it as key.bat and click save ! (Save
it on Desktop)
6. Now, double click lock.bat to lock the folder and now if
you open your folder, control panel will open up !
7. Now, double click key.bat to open the folder and now if
you open your folder, you can access your data inside the
folder again !
8. Lock your folder and hide the key.bat somewhere else
on your hard disk !
9. Whenever you want to open your folder just paste the
key.bat on desktop and open your folder using it.

Full Form of Some Software Company...

GOOGLE :- Global Organisation Of Oriented Group Language of Earth
APPLE:- Asian Passenger Payload Experiment
HP :- Hewlett-Packard
IBM:- International Business Machines Corporation
HCL:-Hindustan Computer Limited
WIPRO:- Western India Product Limited
GE:-General Electronics
INFOSYS:-Inform ation System
TCS:- Tata Consultancy Services
AOL:- American Online
BPL:- British Process Laboratory
INTEL:- Integrated Electronics
CISCO:- Computer Information System Company
DELL:- michael DELL
SONY:-Sound Of New York
AMD:- Advance micro devices
LENOVO:- LE(Legend),NOVO (New)
COMPAQ:- Compatibility And Quality

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

how to remove shortcut virus in usb

  1. After plug in your virus affected drive, just press Win key + R to open Run box and type “cmd” and press Enter key. (Without double quotes)
  2. In the opened command prompt, open your drive by enter your drive letter as shown in the below figure. For example, if your drive letter is enter g: and press Enter. (To find your drive letter just open “My Computer” and check your drive icon)
  3. Now type del *.lnk” and hit Enter.(without double quotes)
  4. Finally type the below command and hit Enter. (without double quotes)

“attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l”

Full Forms

Yahoo–Yet Another Hierarchy of
Officious Oracle........
ADIDAS–All Day I Dream About
NASA–National Aeronautics Space
ISRO–Indian Space Research
KML–Keyhole Markup Language is a
language schema based on the
Extensible Markup Language. It’s
released recently by google to view
google maps..........
Computer – Commonly Operating
Machine Particularly Used for
Technology Entertainment and
ICICI–Industrial Credit and Investment
Corporation of India.....
HDFC–Housing Development Finance
Virus–Vital Information Resources
Under Seize......
PSD–Photoshop Document (Photoshop
Standard Document)PSD Logo.....
PDF–Portable Document Format......

How to unlock android pattern lock

Direct hard reset

  1. then first click Up VolumeKeyand hold it.
  2. then click on home button and hold it.
  3. then press the power button and after is started just release it.
  4. and then you can see you enter in the secret android menu you never see it before.
  5. just click on home button for up and down in the menu.
  6. then just go to third option named as DELETE ALL USER DATA.
  7. then it takes dome time.
  8. the phone will be started and the unlock patter problem is fixed.

Using CMD
For this method to work for you, your USB debugging must be turned on in your smartphone.
*.Connect your Android device via USB to your computer.
*.Open Command Prompt by pressing the window key + R, then type “cmd” (without quotes) in the space provided and hit OK.
*.Type in the following codes
adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
*.Reboot your android device and unlock via whatever pattern you choose.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Disable Recent Files in Media Player (All Windows)

This restriction will stop Windows Media Player from storing the names of the played media in the recent file list.
 This tweak can be easily applied using WinGuides Tweak Manager.
Download a free trial now!

Open your registry and find or create the key below.
Create a new Binary value, or modify the existing value, called "AddToMRU" and set it according to the value data below.

Exit your registry, you may need to restart or log out of Windows for the change to take effect.

Note: This setting only effects Windows Media Player 8.0 or greater.

  (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) 


Registry Settings
User Key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences]
Value Name: AddToMRU
Data Type: REG_BINARY (Binary Value)
Value Data: 00 = disabled, 01 = enabled

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